All Ireland Winners 2011- Back to Back Titles

Eoghan Rua 2-8 Ardrahan 0-12

If you like your Sunday afternoons to have a bit of drama, tension, excitement and of course a happy ending, you can depend on the ‘Pink Panthers’. All smiles on the podium from our ‘Back to Back’, All Ireland Champions.

Joe Passmore gives us his views on yet another good day for the senior camogs.

‘All in all, very satisfying and very enjoyable. You kinda put your life on hold when you’re involved in a run like this so winning like this makes it all worthwhile. We’ve had great support in the club and from across Derry and Ulster and I’d thank everyone that sent us messages or went down to the game.’

‘We were ragged enough in the first half, they seemed so much sharper, the two goals had kept us in the game and we hit a few wides. But our defence stood up well enough against a quality set of forwards. Shauna Healy at 11 is on Galway’s senior panel and number 14 Brenda Kerins played for Athenry and Galway seniors too, she showed all her experience. The girl O’Toole at 12 was handy too. They were quality players. They were easily the best team we’ve come up against.’

‘Ardrahan played good hard camogie with none of the other nonsense you come up against from time to time. They were a good team and were understandably gutted at the end. But they would acknowledge they were beaten by a good side. On the basis of our comeback we deserved it given how awful bits of our play was in the first half.’

‘There was quite a swirling breeze blowing, you didn’t really notice it on the Hogan Stand side where the supporters were, they probably didn’t realise it was a factor but as you moved across to the Cusack side it was gusting quite strongly. It was clear going in at half time that the wind had obviously been a factor for them. We were only three points down so it wasn’t game over by any means. We also knew we wouldn’t play any worse than we had.’

‘We just asked a few questions at half time’ Passmore explains.’We’ve been in tight corners before but it was a matter of the players themselves deciding they could do something about it. They were simply awesome second half.’

‘I thought Jane Carey was magnificent again, she has a fantastic attitude and herself, Kelly Maybin and Maeve Dillon really upped it round midfield. Maeve D leapt and caught a ball from a puck out near the end, it was inspirational stuff.’

‘We dominated them round midfield and we genuinely looked like scoring when we attacked and got at them. Megan Kerr went into the inside line and scored two absolutely brilliant points. I’m delighted for her, she’s one of the top young players about. She just won a College’s All Star so it’s been a good week for Megan.’

(A good week also for full-back Maria Mooney who collected her third Colleges All-Star award to add to her two All-Ireland medals.)

‘Gráinne and Méabh were excellent again, I’m very pleased for Gráinne,she attracts some raw attention at times in some games but she’s a class act. She started the move for her goal with a clinker of a ball and then arrived to get on the end of the pass. Grainne heads for goalMaria Mooney showed real character too, she was getting a tough enough time from Kerins but she wanted to go back onto her for the second half and she did well when she did.’

‘I’m sure it was a great match to watch although from what I hear a lot of our supporters had their heads in their hands when we gave away the two penalties in the last ten minutes. The first one looked a wee bit dramatic to say the least.’

‘The same referee gave a few handy frees against us in the semi final coming into the closing stages, so I was a wee bit wary of what he might do. The conversion rate for penalties in camogie is quite low, so it’s not cut and dried the player will score although their keeper scored one in their semi final. You had the situation where their keeper had to run the length of the field in the last few minutes of an All Ireland to basically try and get her team back on terms. It’s a long lonely run up the field, and to do it twice especially after she put the first one over the bar, well fair play to her for having the courage to step up again for the second one.’

‘A good number of our supporters couldn’t watch the first let alone the second one.’

‘I wasn’t surprised either that Gráinne saved the second one, she could play in goals if she had to, no problem. And after saving it she nailed the ball about seventy metres down the field which was just what was needed. These are the things make a game memorable, great if you’re on the right side of them, not so great otherwise.’

Eoghan Rua team: Aileen Moore; Adele Archibald, Maria Mooney, Aisling Carey; Eilis McNamee, Meabh McGoldrick, Maureen Heneghan; Kelly Maybin, Jane Carey; Maeve Dillon, Grainne McGoldrick, Megan Kerr; Rosanna McAleese, Grace McMullan, Claire Tracey. Substitutes used; Amy Holmes for C Tracey (53)

Eoghan Rua scorers: Grainne McGoldrick (1-6, 0-3 frees, 0-2 ‘45s’), Jane Carey (1-0), Megan Kerr (0-2).

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