Club Maith

Club Maith

Eoghan Rua CLG Cuil Raithin (the Club) has enjoyed remarkable progress in both its physical development and its success on the field over the last number of years.

In 2007 it celebrated its 50th anniversary against a background of struggling to survive through the entire “troubles” in an area where Gaelic games would not have been indigenous.

In 2009 the Club officially opened its new pitch and  club house after years of using the facilities of others with all the uncertainty and additional planning and co-ordination that entailed.

Sustained focus and investment in its youth programme over many years in football, hurling and camogie finally paid dividends with remarkable success at county, provincial and All -Ireland levels.

All three games are an integral part of Eoghan Rua Coleraine.  All teams play in the Club’s colours, use its facilities, are treated and promoted as equal facets of the Club and will  be so in the future.

In 2007 the footballers were competing in the second division and the intermediate championship.  Years of dedication resulted in the team reaching the All-Ireland championship final, a series which provided vital experience for the success that was to follow.  Promotion to the first division challenged them to perform against the best in the county and this challenge was answered when they won the Derry County championship in only their second year of promotion to the first division.

The Camógs have enjoyed similar success, again after years of youth investment and dedication on behalf of coaches and players alike.  Not only have they achieved county and provincial success but, remarkably, in the 2010/11 and 2011/12 years they achieved two All Ireland Championship successes, eclipsing the footballers’ achievements of 2007. On both occasions they did so with grace and style.

Hurling has been part of the club for the past eighteen years and runs from underage to senior.  It continues to grow at underage level and its future is assured.  The seniors compete in the Derry Reserve League and Junior C’ship.  They also compete in the N Antrim Junior League and the Ulster Junior C’ship.  A dual club can make considerable demands on players, yet the senior hurlers lifted the Derry Intermediate C’ship title in 2006.

In line with the Club’s development plan, ladies football has recently been introduced at underage level and it is hoped that this too will grow and become another important facet of the club in the future.

Players from all three games have represented their county in numbers that are proportionally high given the relatively small size of the Club and it has been in Camogie that All Star status has been achieved.

None of this could have been possible without the dedication of the individuals who struggled to keep the Club alive during the “lean” years and those in more recent times who worked tirelessly to secure the Club’s own pitch and club house.

The support secured by its members and supporters to bring this to fruition has been remarkable. Both the local and national press has frequently referred to the qualities of the support that the Club attracts.   These are qualities that reflect the very ethos of CLG and which the club actively promotes.  The Club can now justifiably claim to have forged a strong and pro-active Gaelic games community based upon respect, tolerance and inclusiveness.

The Club will continue to promote its youth programme – this is the future.  It will continue to seek to develop further its facilities and wider community involvement. As winner of the Irish News “Club of the Year Award” in 20  , the Club wishes its current and future development to take place within the context of a recognised and secure accreditation scheme.  Consequently the Committee commends the Club to “Club Maith”.

 Brian Lenehan  June 2012  (On behalf of the Eoghan Rua Committee).

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