Development and Fundraising Sub Committee

Development and Fundraising Sub-committee

Remit & Members


The role of the Development & Fundraising sub-committee is to over-see all matters concerning club development and fundraising within the club. This sub-committee should work closely in devising the Club Development Plan detailing any major development projects in the Club’s pipeline. Means of raising funds should feature heavily in this sub-committee’s duties. All fundraising happening within a club must be put through this committee so that the club have an integrated approach to fundraising. It is best practice for members of the Development and Fundraising sub-committee to receive training in their role.

The Treasurer and Club Development Officer should play a pivotal role in this sub-committee, with the entire group being answerable to the Club Executive Committee.

The following club members make-up the Development & Fundraising sub-committee:

Name: Mr B Lenehan          Chair

Name: Mr S Mc Killop          Attend meetings and act  on remit

Name: Mr B Shields              Do

Name: Mr B Mc Williams    Do

Name: Mr S Toman               Do

Name: Mr D Mullan               Do

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