Social and Cultural Sub Committee

Social and Cultural Sub-committee

Remit & Members


The role of the Social & Cultural sub-committee is to programme all social and cultural activity within the club. This sub-committee should actively promote Irish Culture, Irish language, and Scór to all members within the club. They should also aim to include other community organisations in the clubs, enhancing the club as the hub of the community. Ideally members of this sub-committee will be able to themselves demonstrate the activities that they are trying to promote. It is best practice for members of the Social and Cultural sub-committee to receive training in their role.

People with an enthusiastic nature should play a pivotal role in this sub-committee. The Social and Cultural sub-committee will be answerable to the Club Executive Committee.

The following club members make-up the Social and Cultural sub-committee:


Mrs S Mc Goldrick    Chair

Mr J Passmore           Attend  meetings and act on remit

Mrs L Reynolds          do

Mrs V Leonard           do

Mr J Montgomery     do

L Mc Mullan                do

H Mooney                   do

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