Youth Sub Committee

Youth & Child Protection Sub-committee

Remit & Members


The role of the Youth & Child Protection sub-committee is to over-see all youth related matters within the club. This sub-committee must ensure compliance with the guidelines of the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport. This includes ensuring all volunteers, coaches, club officials working with children are vetted and adequately qualified for their role. It is best practice for members of the Youth & Child Protection sub-committee to receive training in their role.

The Youth Officer, Coaching/Children’s Officer should play a pivotal role in this sub-committee, with the entire group being answerable to the Club Executive Committee.

The following club members make-up the Youth & Child Protection sub-committee:


Mr B Lenehan          Chair

Mrs S Mc Goldrick   Attend meetings and carry out remit

Mr S Mc Goldrick     Do

A member of the office bearers to attend

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